Jason Daniels
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NC #6120

In 2005, Jason graduated from The Body Therapy Institute in Silk Hope, North Carolina. The Body Therapy Institute's curriculum instilled an exceptional foundation of understanding the human body and it's systems that creates an equally exceptional ability to theorize how to help his clients through therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Jason realized his gift for massage at a young age as his family and friends would always ask him to give them massages on a daily basis. He decided to attend school and turn this gift into a career after an 11 year run with the Melting Pot Restaurant Corporation.

"When I decided to attend school, my expectations were nothing close to what I would experience in the months ahead. My simple knack for massage quickly turned into a well educated passion to help others help themselves through knowledge of the human body, and its intricate systems. I never thought the curriculum would go as deep as it did, and still does. Integrating my knowledge of human anatomy, kinesiology, pathology, and the hands-on modalities I was taught, gave me a confidence in my practice that I had no idea I would have by the time I graduated school and started my journey into the field."

Jason's approach and practice comes from a holistic standpoint, and all sessions are determined by you and him together. He listens and then assesses your needs as you speak with him about where you're at and where you want to be. During this time you will both decide the best ways to address those needs during that session, and throughout your treatment plan. He also works with the client by helping them with their self-care and awareness in their daily living. For example, exercise, stretching, diet, wellness, self-awareness, referrals, etc. He has been very successful with helping clients with stress reduction, relaxation, chronic pain, muscle tension, sports performance, headaches/migraines and many other pathologies. More importantly, he understands and focuses a lot on the fact that frequently, pain and/or discomfort and pathologies (caused from our daily lives) relieved during your first massage session quickly come back if the reasons that manifest them are not addressed, or at the very least been brought to the clients attention. He will help you bring these things to your own attention so you can be more aware of these things on a daily basis, and ideally, begin to try and change those things as best you can. In short, he "helps you, help yourself"!